About Us

Ours is a small family-owned company impassioned with the desire to give your life a facelift by means of original, innovatively designed smart products. To transform what was once boring and mundane into pleasure and fun. To turn the Mundane into Magic. To delve into the human heart and mind - amidst the stress of today’s crazy world and busy lifestyle - to see what’s needed.

Because sometimes even the simplest of tools can spell all the difference.

We at Smart Ideas 4 Life believe that just the right thing can save you precious time, untold energy, and invaluable resources - giving you more time to relax and experience the pleasure of your existence.

You, your friends and family are our key to creativity. At Smart Ideas 4 Life, we always listen, forever striving to find a better way. Galvanized by the beauty, creativity and fun that are part of everyday life, we search for out-of-the-box solutions that will infuse your life with joy.

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